Interview with a passenger

Bjoern Thomas our first passenger from Germany had a TV-interview during his visit at our Long Beach location. He explains his reasons why he want’s to go to suborbit. The video also includes some footage from the ticket handover and our flight with Bjoern to the Mojave Air & Spaceport.

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The first Ticket...

The first Ticket…

what a month! The last four weeks have been fantastic and very successful. Our first passenger from Germany Bjoern Thomas, visited us to get his ticket and undergo extensive G-training which he passed with flying colors!  Bjoern got a VIP tour at our new base camp in Long Beach and despite very strong winds we […]

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New Office...

New Office…

The DA40 XLS from Diamond will be our office for the next days. We are realy looking forward to our collaboration  with Angel City Flyers in Long Beach in order to get our aviation missions done. Now it’s getting exiting, stay tuned…

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Transmitter Test Flight

As we reported earlier, bad weather and unexpected administration issues kept us from flying and testing during our planned schedule in April and Mai this year. However we took our chance on Friday May 3rd. We prepared the airplane at 5:00 am PDT and took of at 6:45 am at KLGB for a 2 hr testflight. We were rewarded with very good transmission results and excellent image quality. This is the short video of the flight.

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Mission Sticker now available...

Mission Sticker now available…

Wow, it feels realy great. We just received our first mission sticker 2013 which is also available now over our supporter programm. Each sticker will find its way on our crew outfits very soon.

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QZ-1 V3 Completed

QZ-1 V3 Completed

This month is full of great achievements for us. We completed the 3rd development stage of the QZ-1 which includes the integration of the camera and broadcasting unit. Now there are only two sections left over which still have to be adjusted. First we need to improve the landing gear structure and secondly the mechanical […]

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Making the Impossible Possible

Making the Impossible Possible

zenovision recently completed a list of requierements in order to join  the x-prize category visioneering. hopefully we can publish the result soon!

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HALO & G-Force Tests

HALO & G-Force Tests

what a challange…we are facing a very exiting and demanding time from beginning of august. after the first testruns end of april, we scheduled 2 full month to complete a comprehensive list of tests. we need to push ourselfs  to the limits in order to fullfill the HALO and G-force flights. Each and every flight […]

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Concept Design QZ-1

zenovision introduced  the concept design for its suborbital spacecraft the QZ-1 on April the 23rd in Los Angeles. The prototype manufacturing starts already this August. The QZ-1 will be the worlds first suborbital spacecraft which is equiped with a revolutionary camera and broadcasting system.

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01.01.2013 The Race is on…

Now it is official, zenovision is ready to chase the dream in becoming the world’s first media-production company  who operates in suborbit.

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