Team  zenovision  is preparing  for  complex  space missions  


  • Science and Research

Without doubt, there is still a lot to learn and discover if we are speaking about space. We are focusing on those things we can’t see yet,- but finding it!

For example, it is not longer a secret that asteroids may contain valuable materials like platinum, titanium, gold and mineral ores. This is why we are working on a camera-system which is designed to scan those asteroids for different kinds of minerals and natural resources.

This system will enable us and scientists from all over the world  to find those secrets.

  • ISS and Moon  Missions

Payload missions to the International Space Station and to the Moon will be one of our goals. Very soon the Moon will play a new and very important role in order to capture the final frontier. Important resources like Helium-3 and water are already attracting major companies. With the final version of the QZ-1  V.5 we will able to conduct payload missions to the Shackleton’s rim!

  • Conducting Live Broadcasts and Videoproductions

zenovision is also focusing on finding new ways on how visual content from space can be transmitted to earth with minimal or almost no time-delay. We intend to become the worlds first media production and broadcasting company who will offer this service.

Providing major tv-stations with live images from space would not only be very exciting. It would help to enlight many poeple around the world whats really going on and how huge our opportunities are regarding capturing the final frontier.

Furthermore scientists and researchers would be able to sent live data and images in realtime to there labs for analyzing.

  • Passenger flights to suborbit and space

As soon as the QZ-1 is ready to fly we will bring the first passenger to the suborbit. In this first stage we will fly to an altitude up to approx 90-100km. The main goal will be offering poeple an affordable flight, so that they can experience the breathtaking overview sight and beautifulness of our planet.

In the second stage we entering space, which means that we will be able to fly directly to the ISS or to the moon.