The Mission

zenovsion is currently developing the world’s first “German engineered” spacecraft.

Our primary goal is to build a sophisticated space-vessel for a wide range of complex space  missions. 

The Spacecraft is called “QZ-1“,and it will be equiped with a revolutionary camera and broadcasting-system as well as a complex visual video-laboratory. Thus zenovision can carry out complex science and research missions such as finding new natural ressources on asteroids. The unique design of the broadcasting unit, also allows us to transmit live-video streams from an altitude up to 100km.


The design and concept of the QZ-1 is meant to make space and suborbital flights safe, economical, exiting, and efficient.

We are also offering space and suborbital flights for those who wanna experience the breathtaking overview sight of our planet, or discovering the final frontier. Tickets are already available!

  zenovision 2015 – QZ-1 V2