zenovision’s Partners have in common a pioneering spirit, a long-term vision and a desire to explore the suborbit and space. They share the basic values of the project: exploration, technological innovation, competence, entrepreneurial expertise, passion, teamwork, dream and emotion.


ActivePro provides our  pilots and future astronauts with unique innovative underwear.

This special and tailor-made underwear meets exactly our needs for future spaceflights and missions – highly absorbing and at the same time stylish and modern. Originally coming from the health care  ActivePro is exploring new areas to widen it’s competence and knowledge. The developement team is always on the mission to find the perfect material and trimmings to create the ideal product.

What we like about the ActivePro team is their innovative spirit and their courage to break taboos. We are  looking forward to what they surprise us next.

Art Space for Space Art 

is a unique art event in space and a global initiative to define the flag for the universe – a historic project for our humankind.

The initiating artist Bjoern Thomas will trigger this by executing, maybe as first artist in the world, an art project in space. “SPACE ART” should not only geographically widen the horizon of the human world and might inspire also next generations. The ambitious initiative offers an opportunity to take actively part in an unique cultural event which is also uniting nations and underlines in parallel the beauty of our planet earth. Artists from all over the world are requested to offer a proposal for the flag of the universe.

Garmin Virb 

The new Garmin Virb Elite Camera is our primary on-board cam for all of our upcomming flights. The outstandig image quality, stabilization and gps technology makes this action cam to a must have for our team.

Garmin is a multinational corporation and producer of navigation equipment. It is most well known as a producer of consumer and professional-grade Global Positioning System receivers.

Tamron – our new eyes for Space

Tamron, manufacturer of precise and sophisticated optical products  is our new partner.

Tamron’s latest high-end product line perfectly meet our needs. The VC (Vibration Compensation) and USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) enable us to shoot distant subjects from an airplane at high-altitudes or even from our spacecraft. But besides the technology, it is Tamron’s commitment to our project which realy means a lot to us.


Extreme conditions require special equipment. With “gloryfy” from Austria we got access to the most advanced but more importantly unbreakable eyewear technology. We are realy happy and we can hardly wait in using this high-tech gadgets on our upcomming mission’s.



With the ximea camerasystems we are ready to go for our upcomming testruns this month. The collaboration with ximea Germany helped us to speed up our schedule and offers us the best available image and product quality.

XIMEA was created by the group of industry leading Imaging and Vision veterans originating from DELARO and SOFTHARD companies.